How to Prevent Motorcycle Theft

motorcycle protection

For any given rider, motorcycle theft can be a serious issue. Thousands of motorcycles are stolen each year. It is estimated that every 10 minutes a bike is stolen. Moreover, the bikes cannot be recovered as they are crushed and sold as spare parts. Thus, if you have a motorcycle it is necessary to protect it. In addition, you can reevaluate the methods and add some.

Customize Your Bike

motorcycle with lights onIt is a lot of fun to customize your bike. This is because it offers the ride an excellent look. Moreover, some modifications can increase the performance of the bike or its’ comfort level. However, you should note that a highly customized motorcycle is expensive and can be a target for potential thieves.

The truth is that professional criminals will not want to tamper with a customized bike. This is because it can be identified easily and this is something they do not wish to. Ensure you have lots of pictures detailing the various changes you made to the bike.

Consider Visibility When Parking

You should take parking serious. When in public, ensure your bike is in a well-lit area. It is a good idea to park it in an area where you can monitor it. The best place to park is where there is a security camera. Ideally, when you keep it in plain view, this is adequate to deter the potential criminals. On the other hand, when parking it in your home, you should do just the opposite. In this case, it ought to be kept completely out of view.

For instance, you can store it in your garage. Also, place a cover on top of it. The good thing about putting a cover is that it will ensure your bike is in the right condition. A cover can obstruct a lot of details that thieves are looking for.

Remove Keys from the Bike

protecting your motorcycleWhen you are not on the bike, the keys should not be either. You may think it is common sense and you are just right. You probably think nothing will happen in the next few minutes. It will be unfortunate when you discover your bike is no more. When parking your bike, remove the keys. For instance, when you are at home, the keys should be kept in your house and not in the garage.